How to get more subscribers on youtube In 2019

How to get more subscribers on youtube In 2019

How to get more subscribers on youtube

How to get more subscribers on youtube

Hello guys today in this new post I will tell you about various ways to get more subscribers on YouTube if you are a content creator on YouTube you always thinking that how to increase subscriber? So don't worry you are at right place in this new post I will clear your all doubt and tell you you how to gain more subscribers on YouTube and the result will be clear to you in 2 weeks. 

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Note: There is a Bonus Tip Below

So without wasting time let's get started: How to get more subscribers on youtube

(1): Decide Channel Topic: It is a very important thing that affect your channel if you are not deciding your channel topic that in which topic your making videos your subscriber will confuse and the visitors will also confused that they have to subscribe your channel. 

Just understand with example that I am giving you: If you are surfing YouTube and wanted to watch funny videos and finally after watching a funny video you check the channel in which you have watched the video and you find that the channel owner is publishing songs so he is not decided is channel topic I guarantee that you will not subscribed that channel this is that how it works. 
So for gaining subscriber you have to choose your channel topic.

(2): Add Channel Trailer: Channel trailer is your first impression you always heard about the quote the "first impression is last impression" so this also happened in YouTube if a visitor visiting your channel so how he going to get that why should he subscribe you for this you have to add a channel trailer not like you. Channel without any editing,effects. 
For this make a highly professional video that a visitor subscribe you after watching that video.

(3): Add Watermark To Your Video: Adding watermark to your video give you two advantages: 
#: No one copy your content 
#: It also help you increase your subscriber 
So now I am going to explain the second Point that how you are going to gain subscriber by watermark. 

If you add watermark in your videos. 
The watermark feature is given by YouTube officially in which a visitor click on the subscribe watermark button it will not going to see a Pop up of confirmation of subscription it will automatically subscribe in one second and you will get a subscriber.

(4):  Reply to Recent's Comments: You might be thinking that comments will be coming from our subscribers it's not true many peoples who comment actually not subscribed the channel if you recently reply to their comment there are many chances that this subscribe your channel. 
If anybody asking for a query in comment box suddenly reply and solve his query and get a new subscriber.

(5): Do Collaboration's: If you know any content creator go and ask calibrate with you because the collaboration benefits both of the collaborators. 
This Collaboration is pretty much famous in YouTube as well and YouTube also recommend to collaboration. The top content creator also collaborate to increase their audience in this procedure the audience of creators exchange. 

It help you to grow on YouTube and if your growth rate will be high the YouTube officially recommend your videos to other subscribers.

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(6): Perform Giveaway: This is most interesting method that helps you to grow in YouTube community and makes your identity in YouTube community that helps to gain subscribers if you do give away in your YouTube channel your subscribers participate in the giveaway as well as other people that are not part of your channel will also participate in the giveaway to win the thing is to do you have to say only one thing that the guys you have to subscribe my channel for winning the give away. 

From there the work is over and you will start gaining the subscriber automatically.

Bonus Tip: So now I am going to tell you a bonus tip that helps you you and increase your subscriber and after using this trip you will see a big difference between your previous and after growth rate. 
so show a website name sub2unlock help you to increase your subscriber so understand carefully I am going to explain how it works and help you increase your YouTube subscribers. 

If you are giving any link in your YouTube description go and lock the link by sub2unlock website and now when the visitor open the links it will automatically redirect to sub2unlock website and ask to subscribe your channel if the visitor subscribe your channel then the link Will Be unlocked and if it not subscribe the link will not open.

My Final Words:
Thanks for reading this post If you have any query comment below and keep visiting our website.

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  1. Nice post it really helps me to gain subscribers

  2. These are really great tips. I think topic or niche doesn't matter. It is content that matter. Content is key. It should be unique, fresh and informative. Without it, you cannot win any subscribers.

    Just posting content is not just enough. You need to promote it on the social media platform. It is a quick way to drive traffic to your Youtube channel or video.

    The custom thumbnail is another useful tricks. Its forces the viewers to click on your video. If your content is top notch then chances are that viewer will be your subscribers. You can use Canva to create eye-catching thumbnail images.

    If you want to save time and quick results, the best strategy is to buy YouTube viewers and subscribers. I usually buy subscribers from ( and I would highly recommend buying from them. I have had an amazing experience with them. They provide top quality service, with excellent customer service too.

    I really enjoyed reading your post. It’s informative, interesting and I have certainly learned a thing or two. Thanks!

  3. nice post thanks for the tips