How to Rank Your New Website on Google: 5+ Ways To Know

How to Rank Your New Website on Google: 5+ Ways To Know

How to rank website on google ?

Ranking Website On google Is not so Easy It Requires Patience  although Many People Always Want a Shortcut For Success.

If you are searching for a shortcut that helps you to rank in Google I recommend you to to close blogging because blogging is not for you although I Tell you that ranking on Google without SEO is impossible.

If you have patience and determination to do hard work then continuously read this post and I guarantee that it will help you to rank your post in Google.

For ranking on Google the only way is to do Search Engine Optimization if you have read articles about SEO and watch videos about you might be thinking that SEO is easy and I learn SEO. But It's Not True.

How to rank website on google

Time Requires To Rank Your Website On Google?

After making one or two backlinks you might be thinking that your page will rank on the first position of Google. But Its Not Because search Engine Optimization is a time taking process and in which you have to defeat your competitor that is against you. 

Understand With an Example : Suppose that you have written an article and you have made one backlink and your competitor makes two backlinks so Google will rank your competitor post not yours. 

Exactly How Google Algorithm Works Not Only This it also depend on the power of your backlinks if you get one backlink from a website with DA 60+ your backlink will be powerful. 

Always remember one thing that a powerful backing is better than 100 low DA Website Backlinks.

It Will Take 6 Months To 1 Year To Fully Rank And Getting Huge Organic Traffic If You Have Work Hard and Done Search Engine Optimization Perfectly.

Here Are The Ways To Rank Your Website On Google

How to rank website on google

1: Improve Your Site Structure : Your first impression is last impression so for this you have to improve your site structure with taking a premium theme. 

Make your website easy to crawl for Google Bots and easy to navigate your visitors. 

2: Perform Site Audit : Perform site audit to your site to know what Search Engine Optimization problems your website having and you can solve it. 

Many of the site doesn't rank because of the basic SEO things not Correct on Their Site

3: Remove Copyrighted Content : Don't copy others content no one want to read duplicate content if anybody see's that your site's containing duplicate content they avoid to come in your site. 

Or Even don't use copyright images there are many platform to download free stock images.

4: Responsive For Mobile: Always remember one thing that your site must be responsive with mobile phone because now a days most of the visitors come to the site with mobile phone.

Make good navigation system for mobile also if it is not it will Highly Effective your mobile ranking.

5: Make Site Faster: No one likes lagging websites and no one wants to visit this type of website.

Image Optimization: Make your image size as low you can because higher size of image can affect your website loading speed. 

And also remember one thing not to compress image file this way that the image should be blurry.Image should be in high resolution to make your impression good.

Use Less Scripts: Don't use many scripts in your website because script loading on your website affect your loading speed of your website that negatively affect your ranking. 

Make your website design clean that should be load fast.

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6: Update Links: If your website having broken links google will not allow you to rank first because Google will provide good content and fully updated content to their visitors. 

Don't use external link strategy that your anchor text is different and the link having the anchor text is different.

7: Do On-Page SEO:  On page SEO is also important you have to use headings and main keyword in all the things like your title and in images and also in search description and in permanent URL.


I know the techniques Mentioned above is not interesting to do but you have to do for Google ranking. 

Always remember that Google will not allowed to rank you on first with spam techniques. 

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