Pubg Ban- In India After Boy Suicide

Pubg Ban- In India After Boy Suicide

Pubg Ban- In India After Boy Suicide 

Pubg ban in india

Hii Guys I am Come With a New and Trending News about pubg ban in India From Past Few Months there are a rumour spreading in India about pubg ban but now i will clear your doubt and yes there is very much chance of banning pubg in india so lets start:

Pubg Ban - About Pubg:

Sabji is trending game mostly in India ohh sorry not sabji its pubg(player unknown Battleground).
It is online survival Battle Royale game this game is developed by a company named tencent of south Korea in this game hundred players are dropped in an island for surviving till last Whom player will survive till last will be given chicken dinner as award, this game was launched in 2017 this game Catch many peoples in pc and other game consoles and in pubG mobile alone it has 200 million plus downloads in Google Play Store.

Pubg Ban- Already In Some Parts Of India:

As you know that but she is distracting the student from their studies to prevent it few cities of Gujarat has already banned it it has also main reason that this pubg game making the students were children more violent. 
As the universities reported in Gujarat the pubg game is affecting the campus environment.
In Gujarat the movement spread in January 2019 the education department ordered School to put temporary ban under the academic time is over.
As Not Following The rule many youngsters are arrested in Gujarat. 

Although the Gujarat is not only the state where pubg is banned there are many other similar States. 

In 10 December 2018 in the state Tamil Nadu a institute named Vellore Institute of Technology banned pubg in its campus because they are  reporting that pubg has spoil their campus environment.

Pubg Ban Main Reason:Addiction

Pubg Addiction

The main reason is that in South India a boy mother scolded him for playing pubg all the time and boy suicide just imagine that pubg game is disturbing the mental physcological balance in pubg player. 
Pubg Working Like a Digital Drug And Affecting Youngster's. 
Many doctors reporting that only a national ban can lead to positive result.

One More Case :  According to Indian news report a father is reported that his child was hanged on ceiling fan because he scolded him for studying for his English exam although he is playing for Pubg all the time

All parents want their children to live there with adult wood and study well with the better paid job no one wanting that their child should suicide for a game.
Pubg is  disturbing young people and their emotions and making them to think violent.

Childrens are Locking Himself in rooms For Playing Pubg for Hours.

Pubg Ban:Supporters:

Although the Supporters are Parents and Some Doctors that claim that the game is affecting child's minds.

Case: Pubg Ban supporters claim that two people playing pubg game in their mobile phone  near railway track and got hit by the train this claims that while playing the game players don't know what is happening in their surroundings which is very destructive.

Pubg Ban : Extreme Step:

Many peoples promote that burning the game is very extreme and child playing the game not doing any illegal thing and Pubg Mobile developer tencent gaming has tried to convince the Indian authorities to withdraw the game.

Pubg Ban : International Level:

In China digital authorities prevented that children under 13 years are not able to play the pubG game because of addiction.

Overcome Pubg Addiction:

For getting Rid of pubg Addiction firstly you have to uninstall the pubg game from your mobile phone if you will not uninstall you will not able to overcome your addiction so firstly uninstall and try not think about pubg and if anyone talking about pubg get away from there.

My Final Words:
I Recommend To make Time Laws On Playing Pubg not To Fully Banned.
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