Whatsapp - 7 New Features 2019

Whatsapp - 7 New Features 2019

Whatsapp - 7  New Features 2019

whatsapp new features

Hi guys in this new article I will tell you about WhatsApp new features of 2019 . If you don't know what is WhatsApp I will tell you what is WhatsApp in brief so WhatsApp so is a instant messenger app for Android as well as iOS which allow you to you text chat with your friend as well as audio and video conferencing . 
And WhatsApp has 1 billion + downloads in Google Play Store with the rating of 4.4 out of 5 size of WhatsApp is 20 megabytes It's pretty small and good. 

Whatsapp- Overview Of Whatsapp Features:

WhatsApp is an evolving app. New attributes are being added all the opportunity to help make the process simpler Though the feature of messaging friends and our family remains the same. It is good to find the WhatsApp team working to make them bigger, better, and, more powerful, Besides adding new attributes. This is what news is about WhatsApp attributes that are getting an upgrade. WhatsApp voice that is sequential notes land and a Picture manner is coming, also - In December we brought you news of the WhatsApp voice notes feature that is sequential. The feature plays voice notes one. 

The feature works when the string is up so voice notes obtained on in the conversation will not play on voice notes which were received uninterrupted and consecutively. Additionally, it includes tones let you know when the voice notice has completed and when a voice notice has completed. Back in December, it was just a bit. This has now changed. The Google Android WhatsApp beta variant 2.19.86 include a working version of the feature. Sequential voice notes are officially out to get public testing. The other attribute that WhatsApp is working to improve is the Picture-in Picture mode. That allows you to watch certain types of videos which you have been sent in chats while you are still chatting to your friend. 

The attribute starts up a mini video player to get videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Streamable which hovers and plays while you are chatting away. Even though useful, the attribute has quite a few shortcomings, but it's now clear that WhatsApp is functioning to give it a little more power. The biggest frustration with Picture-in Picture is which you still have to close this video you are watching if you wish to switch between chats. Code in the most recent WhatsApp beta suggests that this problem is being fixed. 

In addition, it seems that WhatsApp is going further members and making it feasible to continue watching your video even when WhatsApp has been minimized and is only run in the background. Consecutive voice notes seem to be lower along this development path than this improvements to Picture-in Picture, but there's still no official word on when either will be ready for general release.

Whatsapp - About Whatsapp Beta

WhatsApp Messenger is trying to do best for their users they are providing various new features day by day.
If you have to try this features now you can use it in WhatsApp beta these features will later launched in WhatsApp Messenger. But although  WhatsApp beta has many bugs and crashing beacuse it is a version for testing but you can use it.

Whatsapp - Here's the List Of Features:

(1):Security Is Increase(Whatsapp Finger print Lock): This features is the security of The Uses of WhatsApp with the help of this pressure WhatsApp have given and protective layer to the users every time to open the WhatsApp you have to authenticate your finger this features will soon be released in the big update of WhatsApp in may 2019.

(2):Theme(Dark Mode):  About this features many rumours where spread that this feature is launching in 2018 but neither happened but the real thing is that the feature will so early launch in 2019 and in this feature the full screen of the WhatsApp will be in the dark theme there is very special advantage for the peoples who has phone with OLED display because of this feature the WhatsApp will consume less battery 
And it is eye catching because and the user's eye's will be protected.

(3):Secret Look( 3d Touch Feature For Ios): The Secret Lock feature is for the iPhone users in which WhatsApp allow you to to see anybody status without sending receipt to Whom you are looking status in this you have to use your iPhone 3D touch for viewing the status overall this is best features for iPhone users.

(4):Easy Exchanging(QR Code): The QR code feature is not new for the WhatsApp it is previously used to login in WhatsApp account in desktop this pictures also give safety to the users in this you didn't have to exchange your numbers digit by digit easily just scan your QR code with your WhatsApp application this is mainly done for sharing your contact details with your friends.

(5): Picture in picture :This feature is best for me because whenever my friend send me the link of YouTube video whenever I click for watching the video the WhatsApp redirect me to my browsers which is pretty irritating that's why WhatsApp will give feature in which the WhatsApp will recognise that this link is of YouTube and after clicking it will open YouTube app.

(6): Rank Your Contact's:This is a smart features of WhatsApp in this this will delete your whatsApp contacts which you do not interact more and put the contact in first which interact more it just like Google Search Engine.

(7): Preview of Media: Just imagine while you are playing a game and notification pop ups that your boss has send you a image and wouldn't have to leave your game and want to see the image that's the same features WhatsApp is giving that you can preview the media in your notification tray.

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