The trillionaire theory and the pyramid scheme: How Did Andrew Tate Make His Money?

The trillionaire theory and the pyramid scheme: How Did Andrew Tate Make His Money?

The trillionaire theory and the pyramid scheme: How Did Andrew Tate Make His Money?

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Controversial influencer Saint Andrew Tate has been prohibited from the Meta platforms Instagram and Facebook. the previous kickboxer was faraway from the social media networks when violating the policies “on dangerous organizations and individuals.” but the same sites, TikTok, too, banned his official account.

The social media sensation has concentrated a questionable name on-line when creating uncomplimentary comments concerning women. The 35-year-old has additionally been referred to as out for his misogynistic comments within the past like business feminine protection "bulls**t." It also enclosed the time that he claimed that ladies bear responsibility for being s*xually abused and not basic cognitive process that women and men are equal. St. Andrew John Orley Allen Tate has also been defendant of physical abuse, human trafficking and alternative predatorial behavior in the past. However, pro-hypermasculinity netizens still support the previous huge Brother contestan

After being banned from the maximum famous social media platforms, it looks as if Andrew Tate stays in excessive spirits. In a move with Adin Ross on August 19, Tate said:

After being banned from the most well-known social media platforms, it seems like Andrew Tate remains in immoderate spirits. In a circulate with Adin Ross on August 19, Tate said:

Andrew Tate claims to be the world’s initial trillionaire:

Despite being one in all the foremost unloved men on the internet, saint Tate claims to be a trillionaire. in a very Twitch stream with Adin Ross, he said: “I was stony-broke for an extended time. I created my first million after I was 27, so I had 100 million by the time i used to be 31. I became a trillionaire quite recently, the world’s first trillionaire.”

Although poet claims to be a trillionaire, a similar has not been verified by credible news outlets. The influencer being a trillionaire in U.S. bucks remains extremely unlikely. However, Tate will have a powerful web value despite his questionable political stances. Sources online claim that Saint Andrew Tate is worth anyplace between $250 million and $350 million. The millionaire, who solely flies private, has largely created his cash through his online business course Hustler’s University. the web program has no certification however it provides users recommendation on cryptocurrency, e-commerce and stock trading. the web site also provides recommendation on the way to get womena nd network with similar business individuals.

The restricted handiness program should undergo tests before getting into associate degreed must pay a fee of $50 to access the courses. However, Hustler' University has been defendant of being a scheme because the business works on an affiliate promoting system. this is able to primarily enable people who market the course to potential consumers to create cash of their own. in step with TikToker Benleavitt, Tate’s business model permits students to become affiliates who can make 50% off of anybody else they refer the program to. He said: “So Tate’s at the top, folks below played full price; they create one-half from folks they refer. and that they make fifty percent people they refer.” apart from the course being his primary supply of financial gain, the Romania-resident conjointly makes his income through investment in cryptocurrency. He also opened a sequence of casinos together with his brother Tristan Tate.


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